About Us

My name is Dallas Dial owner, and operator of Nationwide Slate. I have been in the roofing business for nearly 30 years. Our company specializes in the installation of slate, clay tile and the fabrication and installation of custom sheet metal work. We have completed numerous restoration projects from Court Houses to Churches to National Historical Homes, as well as modern building projects.

Nationwide Slate, Clay Tile and Architectural Sheet Metal Inc. is the only company in Dallas that supplies, fabricates and installs Slate, Clay Tile and architectural Sheet Metal under one company name. We specialize in the turnkey completion of your roofing system, using the finest S-1 slate, clay tile, and metal roofing components. Utilizing proper techniques in the installation and quality components with your clay tile or S-1 slate roof system will ensure you of years of trouble free, long lasting roof protection.

Slate and Clay Tile roofing is an Old World Craft, requiring special skill and pride for proper installation. Nationwide has established standards of pride and excellence, displayed by the craftsmanship of work we have accomplished, and the contractors for which we work. We would be pleased to supply a list of projects that closely match your requirements.

All of our metal products are custom made whether on your jobsite or in our shop. We have a mobile custom sheet metal shop that we set up on the jobsite that will rival most sheet metal shops around. We roll the half round gutter and round downspouts in our shop on a machine that we made. Our custom gutter brackets fit the rafter tails and/or fascia board detail at the project site. Our metal men hand cut each miter, on the gutter and the downspouts, then, they are soldered in place to insure that the corners are tight to the fascia and the downspouts fit as tight as possible to the water tables of the exterior walls of the house. Our radius metal panels are actually hand hammered to fit the decking of the structure they are to be installed on. This not only creates a watertight fit but it also give the residence the Old World craftsmanship that is so often forgotten in the building trade. Please take the time to look at our work we have completed in Dallas and around the nation and talk to the people we have worked for. Our work is our strongest selling point. Domes, turrets, and dormers are some of our specialties, whether sheet metal, fish scales, slate, or tile are presented.

The drip edge and moldings are custom made to fit the profile of the wood fascia. It is installed under the underlayments at the eave and on top of the underlayment’s at the gables. All of our metal trim is cut and locked together. This helps conceal the lapping of the longer lengths of metal. Small things make big differences in the life and aesthetics of anyone’s work.

The installation of your roof is the most important part of the building process. We do not cut corners, nor sacrifice quality.